3 Important Steps Before You Lose Your Keys

Posted on: 29 January 2018

Are you a forgetful person at times? Are you worried that you're going to lose your car or house keys at some point? Losing keys is a thing that happens to a lot of people. Although frustrating, it's still a relatively common occurrence. Fortunately, although frustrating, the loss of your keys doesn't have to be a major issue as long as you've prepared for it happening. Before you lose your keys, you should take the following steps to help alleviate the situation before it happens:

Find a reputable locksmith: If you're locked out of your home or vehicle, the last thing that you want to do is to call the first locksmith number that you can find. Unfortunately, this may connect you with a locksmith that is actually located on the opposite side of the city to where you are located. Before you actually need any locksmith services, you need to find a locksmith that is as close as possible to where you live and work and has a reputation for quick service. Not only will the wait times be lower for a closer locksmith, the initial call-out fee will be less due to the shorter travel distance.

Get duplicate keys: One of the best things you can do once you've located a reputable locksmith is to avail yourself of their locksmith services and get duplicate keys made. While you can get duplicate house keys almost anywhere, the same cannot be said of newer electronic car keys. Although a dealership may charge you hundreds of dollars for a single key, a locksmith can often provide the exact same key for a fraction of the price because of a lower overhead. Instead of simply hoping that you won't lose your one key copy, give an extra key to a trusted friend or relative so that you'll have it in an emergency.

Set aside money: No locksmith is going to work for free, no matter how short a distance they have to travel to reach your location. Start setting aside ten or twenty dollars from every paycheck until you've got a couple hundred set aside. This should cover not only the cost of the locksmith services but also the price of a taxi ride in the event that you lock your keys inside your home and need to go to work instead of waiting for a locksmith to arrive. Once work is over, then you can deal with getting back into your home.