Four Types Of Commercial Locks You May Want Installed

Posted on: 15 May 2018

When you own a commercial building, which is essentially any building out of which business is conducted, you want to make it secure. You also want to make everything inside the building secure. You can even make things inside the rooms, inside the building secure. If you really want that much security, you need four types of commercial locks installed by your friendly neighborhood commercial locksmith.

Electronic Exterior Door Locks with Built-in Alarms

Nothing chases off intruders faster than electronic door locks with built-in alarm systems. It does not matter if you break in through the door handle by attempting to pick the lock or you smash the glass in the door (if applicable) to get inside. Without the keys, the alarm will sound. These alarms are also very loud, so they end up alerting the entire neighborhood to the fact that your building has had an attempted break-in.

Electric Buzzer Doors for Each Internal Room

Next up, you will need to convert all interior doors to electric buzzer doors for each room and/or section of the building. Special keys are given to employees to keep people from entering areas they are not allowed to enter, or to grant general access. The doors buzz when access is granted, ensuring everyone that their keys are working when and where the keys should work.

Without the keys, nobody gains access. The only trouble you may encounter with these locks once they are installed is the complete loss of every key. Since that is virtually impossible, you do not have much to worry about. However, your locksmith can and should still provide you with a master key.

Individual Locks in Each Filing Cabinet

Yes, office staff may have to carry around a large ring of keys like some dungeon master, but having a completely different set of locks and keys for every filing cabinet is extremely smart. No one key opens more than one lock. If someone breaks in and manages to get a hold of the keys for all of the cabinets, it will take him/her hours to find the correct key for each lock. By then, he/she will get caught by security or the police and theft of information is thwarted.

Extra-Super-Duper Security

Now, if you really want to go overboard and secure some ultra-important stuff, ask the commercial locksmith to install a wall safe. When the wall safe is cleverly disguised, intruders will miss it every time. Keep what you like in it, including petty cash.

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