4 Commercial Locksmith Services Every Property Manager Needs

Posted on: 30 April 2021

If you manage a commercial building or an apartment complex, it's imperative to secure your tenant's interests. It's crucial to get commercial locksmith services to secure the locks on your main doors or shared entrances.

Indeed, the locks and access control systems in your building offer the first line of defense against break-ins and unauthorized entry. As a property manager, you need to procure locksmith services if you suspect that these locks or electronic access systems have been compromised.

Whether you rely on high-quality locks or automated door access controls, you need a locksmith to secure your assets and those of your tenants. Here are essential commercial locksmith services for every property manager.

Lockout Services

If you've leased commercial space or apartments in your complex, tenants can report lockouts anytime. Employee lockouts are a common occurrence in office complexes. A property manager must have quick access to commercial locksmith services round the clock. When you call professional locksmiths, you can rescue lockout situations fast without risking lock damage. Where necessary, your locksmith can cut a replacement key avoiding future lockouts.

Re-Keying And Reprogramming Locks

Re-coding and re-keying business locks adds a security buffer to your business or commercial building. If your tenants or clients have lost, misplaced, or damaged keys, commercial locksmith services can restart control over your locks. These technicians can reprogram locks such that the lost or misplaced set of keys becomes useless. If a former employee left with such keys, they cannot gain entry when the locksmith recodes them. When you opt for rekeying, you only reprogram lock components instead of replacing entire locks. It saves you money.

Move-In Move-Out Locksmith Service

When you move to a new facility or you want control over tenant access, commercial locksmith services can assist. If you don't know which tenant has specific sets of keys, it's crucial to get a commercial locksmith to reset access into your property.

Damaged Lock Services

If you have damaged locks on doors within your premises, it can compromise your tenant's security. There are several reasons why there are damaged door locks in your building. Heavy impact, wear and tear, or old door locks are some causes. When you call skilled commercial locksmith services, they troubleshoot lock damage and repair them to restore a sense of sanity within your commercial complex.

Free Security Assessments And Quotes

If you're a property manager, you need to keep tabs on the cost of maintaining security in and out of the building. If you require large-scale cost analysis or you want to know the amount needed to repair locks within the building, commercial locksmiths offer free assessments and quotes.

Reach out to a commercial locksmith today to learn more.