The Different Types Of Keys For Home And Business Premises

Posted on: 18 August 2021

Invest in security to ensure you do not fall victim to burglary and vandalism. Of the recorded 2.5 million yearly break-ins reported, 65 percent of these are burglaries. Learn of the various locks and keys available to help you keep your property safe. Your locksmith professional will guide you on the correct type of key for every purpose.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are also known as chip keys. Chip keys are used for garage doors, gates, and homes. Transponder keys are common with vehicles and motorcycles, making them impossible to steal without your key. 

Ordinary machines for cutting keys cannot duplicate these keys, so you need not worry about theft. To make a copy of this key, a locksmith would need the exact code from the manufacturer. In some vehicles, an attempt to use the wrong key will automatically lead to a shutdown. This heightened security feature is what makes the chip key an excellent choice for your garage door and gate.

Double-Sided Key

A double-sided key is similar to a four-sided key by design. The difference between a double and four-sided key is that the latter is durable and difficult to pick, owing to the many teeth inscribed. Four-sided keys mainly work for home and office locks.

Padlocks are used to limit access to certain areas like medicine cabinets or pantries, and home stores can use the double-sided key. Make copies of this key since most often than not, they get misplaced or lost in the house. Note that the padlock and the keys will need to be greased regularly for efficiency. 

Key Cards

Key cards are not like ordinary turnkeys. The magnetic strip placed in the key card allows them to unlock doors when the locking device is attached to the card. The key cards are easy to use and require no maintenance, just like ordinary locks.

Government buildings, banks, safes, and restricted areas in hospitals use key cards. When key cards are used in hotels, it is easy to change when customers lose or misplace the key. Your business can also have a key card lock, especially in areas where you need limited traffic.

In Conclusion

Your choice in the type of key should be informed by what you are securing. Most of the locks and keys you need to use will lead you to a professional locksmith. Even as you invest in new locks and keys, do not forget the importance of greasing and oiling the old locks that you won't replace.

For more information, contact a local locksmith company, like A Devine Lock and Key.