• Could Keyless Smart Locks Cause A Problem For Emergency Entry?

    Front door locks with electronic keypads have been around for a while now. Usually, if the keypad stops working, you can still get in using a key; if you lose your key, too, an emergency call to a locksmith usually solves the problem. Now, keyless smart locks are starting to make an appearance -- ones with a keypad only and no keyhole. These are supposed to make home security better because you can access the lock with your smartphone and not have to worry about someone getting a hold of a key, but these locks do have a couple of issues, including the fact that they could make getting inside a little harder if you have to call an emergency locksmith. [Read More]

  • Tips For Buying Safes For The Rooms In Your Hotel

    If you're a hotel owner, it's probably important to you to make sure that your guests can keep themselves and their belongings safe when staying in your hotel. One part of this is making sure that you have a safe in each and every hotel room in your hotel. If you're looking for help with buying safes for the rooms in your hotel, these tips will help. Look for Wholesale Pricing [Read More]