• Unlocking the Unknown: 5 Surprising Services Your Locksmith Provides

    When you think of a locksmith, you probably think of someone who can help you get back into your locked car or home when you accidentally leave your keys inside. But did you know that locksmiths provide many other services that you might not be aware of? From specialty keys to electronic access systems, locksmiths can help keep your property safe and secure in ways you might not have thought possible. [Read More]

  • Top Signs You Should Re-Key The Locks On Your Rental Unit

    If you own one or multiple rental units, you'll probably need to hire a locksmith at some point or another. One thing that you might need help with is re-keying locks. These are a few top signs that you might need to re-key the locks on your rental unit. All of the Keys Have Been Lost Not only should your tenants have keys to their apartments or rental homes, but you should probably have at least one key to the property yourself. [Read More]

  • Three Popular Trigger Lock Types

    Keeping any firearm you own secure is one of your priorities as a responsible gun owner. While it's a good idea to keep the gun locked in a gun safe, you should also consider taking the extra step of securing it with a trigger lock. You can buy trigger locks at virtually any gun shop. This is a lock that fits inside of the trigger ring and prevents access to the trigger. [Read More]