Three Popular Trigger Lock Types

Posted on: 15 February 2023

Keeping any firearm you own secure is one of your priorities as a responsible gun owner. While it's a good idea to keep the gun locked in a gun safe, you should also consider taking the extra step of securing it with a trigger lock. You can buy trigger locks at virtually any gun shop. This is a lock that fits inside of the trigger ring and prevents access to the trigger. In the event that you fail to secure the firearm inside of a locked safe, it will still be impossible for anyone to shoot. There are lots of different trigger lock products on the market, including these three popular types.


When you browse a selection of trigger locks, you can expect to see a lot that you lock and unlock with a key. A lot of people who appreciate the simplicity of key locks will favor this type of trigger lock. One thing to keep in mind when you use a trigger lock that requires a key is where you'll keep the key. Typically, you don't want it in a location that would allow your children to find it. A safe approach is to keep your locked gun and the key locked inside a large gun safe in your home.


There are also lots of trigger locks on the market that use a combination lock. Like other devices that use this type of lock, you'll typically be able to set your own combination so that you will have no trouble remembering the numbers. Some people favor a combination trigger lock because they feel they can remove the lock faster. For example, you may find that it's faster to key in the numbers instead of retrieving a key. With this type of lock, you also don't have to worry about losing the key.


Biometric locks are common on several different gun safes, but they're also available on trigger locks. This type of lock unlocks when you press your thumb onto a specific scanning pad. You'll set up the trigger lock with your thumb, and this will mean that it will not unlock unless your thumb is present on the pad. A lot of people find that this type of trigger lock is the quickest to unlock. If you're locking a firearm that you want to have quickly available for home defense, you might favor a trigger lock with a biometric sensor.

To learn more about safe gun lock devices, contact a lock and safe service in your area.