What To Do When Locked Out Of Your Car In A Remote Area

Posted on: 30 November 2018

Getting locked out of your car is one thing. Getting locked out in the middle of nowhere is quite another. There won't be fifty people around waiting to help you, and you may not be able to walk to the nearest gas station to wait for help. So, what should you do? Here are some tips.

1. Call a roadside assistance company if you have your phone handy.

If your phone is not locked inside the car, you can use it to call a roadside assistance company in the area. You may have to pay them a little extra to come out to the remote area where you are located, but most will come if you're willing and able to pay. If the company initially says that you are outside of their service area, tell them you are desperate and explain that you really need a favor right now. Smaller companies, especially, tend to be understanding since they deal with people in emergency situations all the time.

2. If you don't have your phone, try flagging someone down.

If your phone is locked in your car, your next best option is to wait by your car and try to flag down someone who is driving by. If someone stops, ask them if they can make a call for you. Have them call a roadside assistance company. This tends to work better than asking if you can borrow their phone to make the call yourself. People may be unwilling to hand you their phone if they don't know you -- they may assume you are trying to steal it -- but they won't feel that making a call for you is too risky. Make sure they give the roadside assistance company your exact location. Then, you can wait for the company to arrive while your helper heads on their way.

3. Consider walking to civilization.

If you have a general idea of where you are, you may want to try walking towards an area where there are more businesses. As long as it is not terribly hot or cold outside, you should be able to walk a few miles without any serious exhaustion. Even if it is cold, walking is better than standing in one place and waiting! Once you reach a business, no matter how small, you can use their phone and wait inside. Most roadside assistance companies can pick you up and drive you back to your car, if needed.

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