Could Keyless Smart Locks Cause A Problem For Emergency Entry?

Posted on: 21 May 2019

Front door locks with electronic keypads have been around for a while now. Usually, if the keypad stops working, you can still get in using a key; if you lose your key, too, an emergency call to a locksmith usually solves the problem. Now, keyless smart locks are starting to make an appearance -- ones with a keypad only and no keyhole. These are supposed to make home security better because you can access the lock with your smartphone and not have to worry about someone getting a hold of a key, but these locks do have a couple of issues, including the fact that they could make getting inside a little harder if you have to call an emergency locksmith.

Note: Not the Same as a Keyless Deadbolt

First, note that these locks are not the same thing as a keyless deadbolt, although some companies are starting to use the terms interchangeably. Keyless deadbolts are the interior halves of regular deadbolts that function as high-strength versions of chain or swing locks. If you're trying to arrange for emergency services with a locksmith, be sure both of you are talking about the same type of lock.

Preventing Both Unauthorized Entry and Locksmith Help

Back to the electronic locks that no longer have keyholes. These do prevent entry due to lock picking, and you don't have to worry about someone stealing a key and forcing you to rekey the lock. This can be a great thing if you have had trouble with lock picking in the past.

However, that also means that if both the keypad and phone app malfunction and you can't get in, a locksmith might have a tougher time helping you out. With smart locks that still have keyholes, the locksmith can get in through that keyhole. But without a keyhole, the locksmith has to use other means to get you in if you're stuck outside.

If the battery in the lock is simply dead, the locksmith may be able to recharge the battery just enough to get the keypad working. But if the battery isn't the problem and the circuitry itself is malfunctioning, the locksmith may have to dismantle the lock if the lock's override procedure does not work.

Whether you use a smart lock is up to you; many people like not having to carry a key. But going completely keyless requires you to think about what to do if you can't get in. Start calling local locksmiths now and asking if they will be able to help you if you find you can't get the keyless lock to work. For more information, contact a company like Interactive Lock and Key.