Why You Should Replace Worn Out Car Keys

Posted on: 25 August 2022

Car keys are just like house keys – they also get worn out with time. Regrettably, most people continue using worn-out car keys until they finally snap or stop working. Auto locksmiths recommend replacing the keys once you spot signs of wear and tear. These signs include:

  • Bending
  • Worn-out grooves
  • Cracks
  • Snaps and breakage

But why would you need an auto key replacement if your worn-out car keys are still working? Well, here is why.

Avoid Breaking Your Car Keys

As your car keys wear out, they'll become weak and vulnerable. Your keys will eventually bend, and you'll be tempted to correct the bend. Unfortunately, the pressure you apply to correct the bend might be too much. As a result, the key will snap into two. So, instead of trying to straighten the key, why don't you go for a car key replacement? 

The Car Might Fail to Start 

Car ignitions are very sensitive. As such, you should ensure your car keys are always in good condition. And, if you notice that the groves are starting to wear out, replace the car keys immediately. While worn-out car keys can still start the car, don't be surprised if the ignition fails to work at one point. You might even think that the ignition is faulty while it's your car keys that need replacing.

Prevent the Keys Breaking in the Ignition

Starting your car with worn-out keys is a risk you don't want to take. Worn-out keys are brittle; therefore, they might snap while trying to start your vehicle. That means you'll have a piece of your car keys lodged in the ignition. While you might use a couple of hacks to join the pieces together, you'll still need a new key. Otherwise, you can't rely on a key that's being held together by adhesives.

If you can't remove the broken piece from the ignition, you'll have to hire an auto locksmith to do it for you. So, why risk breaking your keys in the ignition while you can get a new resilient car key?

Avoid Causing Damage to the Ignition and Car Locks

Old and worn-out car keys are dangerous to your ignition and locks. You'll always have to use so much force to unlock the doors and start the car. This pressure will eventually take a toll on your ignition chamber and door locks. So, you should replace your worn-out car keys instead of damaging your car locks and ignition. An auto key replacement is cheaper than repairing your ignition chamber and door locks.

Contact a locksmith service to learn more.